5 December 2013

The Trip

I just realized that I hadn't really told you the details about my trip. Everybody who has been anywhere near my presence the last month will know everything, but somehow blogland got left out. Well not any more!
The 26th of October I spent £3000 and made my Vietnam-Thailand-India trip a reality (so pretty much my plans turned out). I'll take on my backpack and say my goodbyes before I board the first plane on my way to Vietnam on my own on the 4th of January 2014. 23 hours later I can touch Vietnamese ground where I'll get picked up in the airport and driven to my hotel for the first 6 nights where I'll be all on my own.
Then after having spent that first week without any plans, I'll join about 15 other travellers between the age of 18 and 30-something and go on a 12 days long adventure planned by G Adventures, going from South Vietnam to Hanoi in North Vietnam, where I'll stay for 5 days before heading to Bangkok, Thailand.
My parents are actually going to Thailand 4 days before I get there, so naturally I'm expecting some pampering when meeting up with them for a few days (hint, hint). But besides that I have absolutely nothing decided for what's going to happen in Thailand; no plans, no hotel reservations (which I kinda need to have to get a visa - hmm..). I'll be staying there for a little more than a month, so hopefully I'll have plenty of time to see a bit of the country besides the capital. I don't reckon it'll be any problem finding stuff to do because I've already bookmarked lots of things I want to see and do while there.
Then on March 1st I'm headed to New Delhi, India where I'll spend a few days before joining another one of G Adventures' trips, going all the way from North India to South India in 21 days. I'll spend the last few days in Kochi before I'm heading towards home on the 26th of March after what seems like the biggest adventure of my life!

23 November 2013

The Struggles of Travelling

Yes travelling is awesome, but not when you have to get a VISA! (for India in particular)
For the past week I've tried my best at getting a visa (online) for when I'm going to India, but man - that's easier said than done. You have to answer about 157 questions, attach 12 different document, a lock of your hair as well as your grand mother's wedding ring, before you can take your application form and go to the post office to send the letter as a recommended one (which is more 5 times more expensive than a normal letter).
During this process I've had so many questions but seeing that the embassy of India is impossible to contact (expect a lot of beeps or an automatic answer when calling their embassy) I've spent hours googling my way to tons of different answers from people who are just as confused as me. It's good to know that I'm not the only one struggling, at least.
Well, by now I've typed in my passport number so many times that I remember it by heart, and I'm just waiting for them to ask about my sexual history - they know everything else about me by now. And I thought America was difficult - but jeez, India takes the price!

10 November 2013

Sunday Reminder

Sometimes when I don't have anything to do (or if I have a lot to do) I scroll through tumblr for a while, because even though it contains a lot of cats and Starbucks cups you can also find some pretty nifty photos there. The other day I reblogged this colourful photo and it got me thinking about this quote by Mo Willems: if you ever find yourself in the wrong story, leave.
We have so many privileges but yet we seem to get stuck, and I don't understand how that can happen when we in theory are as free as we are. How come it's so hard to let go? Are we really that afraid to live a little?

31 October 2013

Throwback Thursday: Priscilla Queen of the Desert

Obviously I haven't had a blog for too long and I haven't been able to share my great travel memories that are more than 10 months old - so why not share them now?
Two years ago my mum and I went to London for the third time, and we both thought "we can't have been here three times and still not have seen a musical!". And what a great decision that was.
We went to some small ticket office to see what musicals they could offer us tickets for that day and the man behind the counter suggested this one called Priscilla Queen of the Desert, but both my mum and I were more interested in something like the Lion King. But you won't even believe how crazy expensive those tickets were, and we ended up buying two tickets for Pricilla - best. decision. ever.
Before we go any further take a look (and listen) to this:

If I tell you that the entire show had this energy throughout wouldn't you be dying to go? Well it did, and it was absolutely amazing!
Even though we didn't have the best seats it was such a huge experience! The entire way trough the audience were laughing and were really into the show - honestly, how could you not be? There were great dancing scenes, amazing outfits and music classics throughout; Go West, Venus, Finally, Hot Stuff, I Will Survive, It's Raining Men.. All those dancefloor hits everybody knows the lyrics to. One word to describe all this wonderfulness has to be FABULOUS
When we left the Palace Theatre I was complete high and wanted to go straight back in and watch the entire thing again. Funny how a show can have such an effect on you. Also I have to admit I still have a crush on Oliver Thornton who had one of the lead roles, and I can easily say that this is not the last musical I'm going to watch!

27 October 2013

Food for Thought

So not literally food (thanks for clarifying that) - just a little something to think about this gloomy Sunday afternoon.
The other day I was looking through some of my old stuff and stumbled upon some kind of scrapbook I'd made. In that I found this quote written on a side and it kind of got me thinking.
Don't we all sometimes blame everybody else for our misery? Even when we are actually in a position where we are able to at least try and change it ourselves. You can't just sit and wait around for people coming to you - don't expect they have any more courage than you have. Just think about what would happen if every single one of us expected others to take the first step.
In situations I (try) to think that I should do something about it myself even though it can be hard - but you're probably not the only one thinking that. :-)

21 October 2013

Lonely Planet's 1000 Ultimate

Finally(!) they arrived. It's been quite some time since I ordered these 3 books from Lonely Planet, and this morning the postman finally had a long awaited little package (when I say little I mean they'd put these 3 not too big books in a huge bag which could easily fit me, my parents, and the rest of my town) for me.
From a blog post over on Mariët's blog I learned of the 3 for 2 offer (which is apparently still available), so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to get my hands on the 3 books from Lonely Planet's 1000 Ultimate series: Experiences, Sights, Adventures.
This series combines two of the things I enjoy the most; books and travelling, so I'm very excited to look through these and I've already started marking pages mentioning anything of Vietnam, Thailand, and India.

16 October 2013


This incredible video shows scenes from Central America, Europe, and New Zealand. And - except for that terrifyingly huge spider - isn't it amazingly beautiful?
I really feel that this captures the essence and charm of travelling, and if this doesn't trigger any kind of wanderlust then I don't know what will. It definitely makes me want to pack my bags, quit my job, and just leave right here and right now. Who is coming with me? ;-)

13 October 2013


I've always though I was the type to go travelling and exploring the world on my own. Fearlessly going down the streets somewhere in Hong Kong at night, making my way through busy markets in India... But what if I'm not?
I've planned an awesome trip starting this January where I'll go to Vietnam, Thailand and India and I couldn't be more excited, but it's my first time travelling all by myself and I can't help but listen to what everybody else has to say. And not a lot of people seem to think it's a good idea to go by myself ("and to India? Good heavens no!") and even though I'd like to brush these comments off I can't help but wonder. Do I actually have the courage to go into the world just me and myself? Will al these people be right after all that a young girl like me shouldn't be out exploring the world without a companion?
Writing this down, it sounds like absolute madness, because why live in fear that something might go wrong when a lot of things could go right? Because of course it'll be all right. And I can't wait to go. So world be ready, because here I come!
There you go, a confused rant from my travel-set mind which seem to change every other day --

8 October 2013

The Ducks' Army

Sometime over the last few days this art installation, The Ducks' Army, has found its way to my teeny town's pond, though I didn't notice it until yesterday evening when I drove through the town (honestly there's not much to do there. It's seriously small). But today I decided to go there and snap a few photos since we're already on the colour road (there's even more colours in my last post) and these rows of ducks have a pretty vibrant colour that'll do good on some photographs.
I'm no way near being someone who knows anything about art, but it seems like no one really understands what's up with these ducks. What is the message behind this strange art? Does it have anything to do with gene manipulation? Do they symbolize some kind of messengers?
The installation is made by a Danish artist called Bruno Kjær and it's moving around to different cities. It's kept a secret where they're moving to next and for how long they're staying, and I think it's kind of fun that there's been created this "mystery" around it.

5 October 2013

Capture the Colour

The lovely Mariët from Your Inspiration Blog tagged me in a photo blogging challenge by Travel Supermarket. The challenge goes under the name "Capture the Colour" and basically you're supposed to show five of your favourite travel photos in the colour categories: red, blue, green, yellow and white. After that you have to nominate 5 other bloggers as well. I absolutely love this idea and I nominate:

Renate - Randombloggen
Nicky - Zeeb Likes It
Sandra - Reisedagboka
Hannah - B.L.A.B.
And last but not least: Wander Bug

I hope you guys are up for this challenge. I have to say I really enjoyed it and ended up spending a good chunk of my day looking through years of good memories.

You can read more about the competition right here and see some absolutely stunning photos as well!
Red | Saw these cute little houses in Prague earlier this year on our interrail trip. This whole area of houses had red roofs and as you can see it continues far into the city. 

Blue | Found this adorable blue church in Bratislava, Slovakia while just wandering about the city. 
Green | This photo is back from 2010 where my parents, my brother and I went to Florida to visit our family. We found this cute plant version of Lady and the Tramp when we visited Epcot.

Yellow | I'm not sure what this building is, but I saw it in Zagreb, Croatia and thought it looked pretty cool.

White | I couldn't help but find it a little funny when I saw this groom dragging his bride along the streets of Prague.

30 September 2013

A Quick Reminder (from Mark Twain)

Don't we all sometimes feel way too lazy to get up an do something even though you're longing for something to happen - something to change. It's so easy to play it safe, but that's not really what life is about. BUT don't we all sometimes fall in and waste away time on stupid stuff - I know I do, and that's when this quote hits spot on.
Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones that you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the wind in your sails. 
Explore. Dream. Discover. 
I'm sure you've already heard at least bits from this very well-known Mark Twain quote, and it just speaks to me. I often put off doing the things that I have to do and actually want to do - and for a short time that's fine, but I excel at wasting my time - it's just about remembering that twenty years will probably pass by faster than we'd expect. And when those twenty years have passed by wouldn't it be much more satisfying to know that you tried to achieve those dreams and hopes, that you took risks, that you enjoyed your time.
I know time passes by fast, so imagine you're a ship and throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the wind in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. 

24 September 2013

Earrings on Display!

Who'd have ever though I'd write a DIY post? Well nonetheless I spent Monday making my very own earring holder as I've used to just have my earrings pretty much all over the place!
What I did was I asked my dad whether he has some kind of plastic board I could drill some holes in, and luckily he did. About an hour later I had made 110 holes and rounded the edges, and my dad helped me (again) find some kind of wood we could attach it to. That wasn't a problem and I could start putting in my earrings.
Sure it might not be extremely cute or decorative as some of the others out there, but I can tell you it's functional and a whole lot less messy than before!

20 September 2013


I've been following this good looking fellow on Youtube for quite some time and not too long ago he uploaded this video called GO DO SOMETHING, where he and a friend crams as much adventure into one day as absolutely possible. If you often find yourself bored because you haven't done anything too exciting the last couple of days I advice you to give his video a watch. It's just a fun little short film that reminds you that it is possible to make a memorable day out of one you thought would be spent staring into your computer. So stop wasting your time and go do something.

15 September 2013

HONEY Mistake

My mum just returned from France yesterday night and like always she'd bought at little something for my brother and I. While he got a deodorant from Chanel, she wanted me to have the new fragrance from Marc Jacobs; Honey (mostly because she was intrigued by the cute little bee decoration, I think). But as you can probably guess from the photos, she made a little mistake by picking up the body lotion instead. She was a little bummed but I've actually thought about investing in a scented body lotion for days when you don't want to wear anything too strong, so it's all good.
I haven't smelled the actual fragrance yet so I'm excited to try out the body lotion which I like so far. 

Have you tried any of the HONEY products?

12 September 2013

Before I Die

Ever thought about what you want to do before you take your last breath? I'm sure there's a lot of things, but anything in particular? Quite some time ago I stumbled upon this project called Before I die I want to... which (surprisingly) focuses on this question. A bunch of people have had their photos taken and then tried to answer this question. Essentially the same as the before I die-wall we found in Prague this summer.
You can read a whole lot more about the project right here where you can also find so many more terrific answers. Here's a small collection of some really good answers:

I guess there's only one thing left to ask now:

What do you want to do before you die?

7 September 2013

Post Travel Blues

I'm not sure I can justify calling it post travel blues any more as it's now almost 2 months since I returned from my last trip, but one thing is sure: I want to go on another trip soon!
As you may or may not know I recently graduated and I'm now having a gap year. Right now I'm still working, but when I'm not I'm constantly walking around at home not knowing what to do about myself. I always find it a bit hard to return from travelling, and I just can't help myself but to compare everything to my travels - and of course what happens abroad is much more exciting than what is happening right here at home! Everyday life just seems to be a bit grey compared to the wonderful and colourful places I've visited in eastern Europe.

Well the thing is just; how do you overcome this blue feeling? It beats me..
I have to admit I haven't found the perfect cure but it's always nice looking forward to your future trips.  Whether that is to a weekend trip with your parents or your next big journey to undiscovered places around the globe, I find that it helps to know something good will happen. Luckily I do have a big trip ahead of me, and when I went to talk with a travel consultant about it I definitely felt my mood brighten! And knowing that I have this trip will definitely help me through the next 4 months of work. Also, by putting money aside you know will only be spent on travelling you're well on the way.

Tell me; do you ever feel lost when returning from somewhere and what's your cure?

29 August 2013

Press Play, Smile

Perhaps your life is not the best or how you want it at the moment, but cherish what you have and enjoy life while it lasts. Turn that frown upside down (J) and stop worrying about every little thing that might not be or go exactly as planned. Focus on love and celebration instead and stop crying over homework. Celebrate your friends, being with your friends, your family. Celebrate you!

23 August 2013

MyBeautyBox | June Edition

Wow this is late - I know! But I thought it would only be appropriate to end the "series" properly, as I was keeping a 3 months subscription and I've already reviewed the first two boxes I've received. So, sometime by the end of June I received my last MyBeautyBox with fingers crossed in hope that it might leave me just a little more excited than the previous two boxes have!

In the final and last box I got an eyeliner pencil in "Sea Green" from Astor, an Ultra Lasting Lipstick from NYC, an instant radiance mouse from Rimmel's "Wake Me Up" collection, and a Tights in a Tin - Tan glow from W7. None of these products strike me as anything too special and although Tights in a Tin sounds like a really fun idea, I highly doubt I'll get much use out of it. This being said, I'm definitely going to try out the other products - especially the eyeliner as I really like them in green, and also I'm excited to try out the Instant Radiance Shimmer Touch as a highlighter because I've heard a lot of good things about them!
Though as an overall conclusion I'm not that pleased about MyBeautyBox. The brands weren't really that exciting either as they on their website advertise brands such as Urban Decay, Korres, Sleek, Revlon, and Stila, which I've received right about zero of during the 3 months! I might just be really hard to satisfy but I was left disappointed and I'm glad my subscription has reached its end, as I'd rather spend my money on one or two full sized products that I'd actually look forward to trying out.