24 March 2013

25 Facts About Me!

Looks like I felt very tumblr taking this...

1. I love French toast. Simple as that.

2. My biggest dream when I was younger was to grow up and become a successful author - I used to write short stories all the time and then make my parents read them.

3. I watched Desperate Housewives from the very beginning till the last episode.

4. For many many years I was convinced that if I didn't tell my 3 stuffed animals goodnight something bad would happen to me - so for about 4 years straight I said "Goodnight Kiara, Strits and Ninus" every single night before I went to sleep.

5. I rarely wear high heels. Mainly because I'm rather tall but also because I just can't bother.

6. I've never broken or sprained anything in my body.

7. I'm so afraid of spiders, and every night (no exceptions) I shake my pillow and duvet to make sure there's no spiders hidden in them - the same goes for towels when I'm drying myself after a shower.
8. A long time ago when I was in primary school I used to do hip hop (I know - I'm not quite the type)

9. I've never had any cavities and I fear the day I'll have one.

10. Around 8th grade I'd wear tons and tons of bracelets, and I'm not exaggerating when I say that I'd normally wear at least 20 on one wrist!

11. I used to have two desert rats.

12. I cry every single time I watch "Armageddon". I could stay awake just to hear you breathing, watch you smile while you are sleeping, while you're far away and dreaming.. ♪♫

13. My family have never not had a dog, so I've grown up with dogs.

14. I love making list and just generally writing things down. I have a small notebook in which I'll write whatever down.
15. The first Youtuber I ever subscribed to was charlieissocoollike who I'm still subscribed to today.

16. I'm 175 cm tall - that is about 5' 9" I think.

17. I hate the sound it makes when people scratch their skin.

18. I once ate gold because our science teacher baked us cupcakes on which he had sprinkled tiny bits of gold on.

19. I'm not baptised nor confirmed and I'm not sure if I really want to get married.

20. Big rings and bling bling are a great weakness of mine so if a man is able to find a ring big enough I might get married any ways...
21. I go to school 5 days a week and work 4 days a week so you can say I have a pretty busy schedule most of the time.  This has really made me appreciate Sundays since I have that day off from both!

22. I don't like wearing shoes or socks. This is just one of the many reasons why I prefer summer to winter.

23. My favourite part of a 3 course meal is the dessert.

24. I used to collect Pok√©mon cards but I have no idea where they are today.

25. I can only snap properly with my left hand even though I'm right-handed. 

I hope you guys liked this post and enjoyed getting to know some things about me.

16 March 2013

The Burning House

A while back I stumbled across this website called "the Burning House" which has the following description:
If your house was burning, what would you take with you? It's a conflict between what's practical, valuable and sentimental. What you would take reflects your interests, background and priorities. Think of it as an interview condensed into one question. 
I think this is such a fascinating question and it's really interesting to browse through the website and see what people choose to take with them in case they had to. Some people have a ridiculous amount of stuff they want to bring with them (I probably wouldn't bring nail polish with me, but that's none of my business) while others only pick a few bits.
The stuff that I ideally would get with me out is way larger than what I've chosen to bring in this post. If my house was actually on fire I'd probably either grab everything I could get my hands on or just get out without anything. But what I chose when making this post is:

A box of memories in which I've collected all kinds of small stuff during the years.
A mask that I bought on a trip to Venice with my family many years ago.
My camera (which I took the picture with) and my lenses.
My favourite toy, Kiara, from when I was a child.
External hard drive where I have all my pictures and other important stuff on. 
A photo album with old pictures from the time where you'd actually get them developed.
A Pandora bracelet which I wore every single day in primary school.
(Also I'd like to bring my computer, which also has a lot of pictures and memories on it)

At least these are some of my stuff that really mean something to me. Some of the stuff I could obviously live without - it' pretty easy to get a new passport - but it's more the story and meaning behind the object.

If you were in this situation, what do you think you'd bring?

11 March 2013

Review: Maybelline - the Falsies Feather-Look

Before buying this mascara I honestly didn't know much about it. But I've had a Maybelline mascara before that I liked, and generally it seems that people Maybelline's mascaras.
   no mascara                                                      1 coat                                                         2 coats
It's really quite easy to apply which is great as I use it everyday for my "school-look" and don't want to fiddle around with anything that needs careful application. I rarely wear more then just one coat and when applying more than that it does  need a bit more time to get it right, but I find that it applies to most mascaras. 

I actually find the name to be fitting because my lashes does look light and fluttery after having applied the mascara. If there's something that I don't like about mascaras it's when they make my lashes clump together. The Falsies Feather-Look does a really nice job of separating the lashes which is one of the things I rate highest when it comes to mascaras.
I know some people who don't like big mascara-brushes, which this one definitely has! It might be off-putting to some people, but I really think this one deserves a go because the result is really nice in my eyes, and to around £10 it's not too expensive.

Have you tried this mascara or would you like to?

10 March 2013

Egypt: a Land to Love // H.C. Andersen: "to Travel is to Live"

I've been quite lucky to visit Egypt several times since 2006 where my family first fell in love with the country. We always stay in Hurghada by the East coast, so I'm pretty familiar with the city now. From here we've gone to both Cairo and Luxor multiple times.

People in Egypt are really friendly and they'll do a lot to help you! When I visited a few weeks ago with two of my friends, we went for an evening walk where I stumbled on the pavement and hit my toe which started bleeding quite bad. My friends rushed back to a hotel we'd just passed to see if they had a plaster. I waited for a while before two Egyptian men suddenly ran towards me with my friends jogging along behind them.
They didn't have any plasters with them but they did bring a roll of toilet paper and a big roll of tape which they wrapped my foot in. Not just my toe, but most of my foot - it would be a shame, if it bled through, right?

I know some of my friends think that the Egyptian people can be a bit too fast forward and pushy, and to be honest I wasn't super fond of it either when I was younger. But I guess it's all just about embracing a different culture than what you're used to from back home - when I visit now I absolutely love how they're all so chatty even if it's in limited English.

I've never really had a not amazing trip to Egypt and I always find myself so happy and full of positive energy when visiting, and as soon as I step foot in Denmark I want to go straight back to the sun, the chilly orange juice, the blue, salty sea, and the breathtaking sunsets in the desert.

4 March 2013

Jar of Good Moments

It's no secret that I spend a lot of time on tumblr and my liked posts-count is quite high and I never really look through it at all. Before New Year's Eve, though, I scrolled through because I remembered something about this post and loved the idea.

The point is to start of with an empty jar and as the days go by, you write down all the good stuff that happens to you on little pieces of paper which you put in the jar. When the year is over you've hopefully collected a bunch of amazing memories.

Personally I love this idea as it's a great way to help remember and appreciate life's small moments. I started "collecting memories" from the beginning of this year and if I'm good I hope to fill the jar up by this year's New Year's Eve.