27 May 2013

MyBeautyBox | May Edition

I got my second MyBeautyBox a few days ago and even though I wasn't too thrilled about the last one, I couldn't help but get excited as I saw the box on the kitchen table when I woke up.
The theme this month was Fun & Flirty Beauty which I feel is much more suitable for spring and summer than the last time. And it couldn't have arrived at a better time, as we've actually had weather which suspiciously could look like summer - craaazy!
My box contained a hot pink nail polish from Astor, a mascara from W7 with the huuuugest wand you have ever seen, nail polish strips from Sally Hansen in the craziest pattern, and a lip gloss from Sinful Colors.
First of all, I don't really understand why I got two nail polishes, but I'm especially really excited to try the nail polish strips from Sally Hansen! I have never tried any kinds of nail polish strips so it'll be interesting to see how many days they'll last (because I'm thinking that the 10 days they're claiming sounds to good to be true). Though I'm a little hesitant about having received another lip gloss I'm generally very pleased with the box as all the products are full size and the brands aren't as well-known in Denmark which I think makes it so much more fun to receive this kind of box!

21 May 2013

First Impression: Samples

What do you do with all the small product samples you receive from magazines and elsewhere? Well I keep mine in the back of my drawer with the thought of using them later on - though, the fact is that I don't. They just build up in a pile and become lost and forgotten. What a sad fate...
Then when I was sorting out my makeup drawer the other day I found this chaos of samples and thought why not use them? So I did - I picked out 5 of the samples and tried them all on.
The products aren't particularly new as my stash of samples literally has existed for years, but nonetheless these are the products that tickled my fancy the most!
BodyNordic Guardian angel Protecting Hand & Nail cream
"This stuff smells rather nice. Ah wow, that's a strange texture! Oh God, now I can't use my computer for 15 minutes now..."
Actually I've never really had a problem with particularly dry hands so I don't really know anything about hand creams. What I do know though, is that most of the ones I've tried takes a pretty long time to sink into your skin - and this one was no exception. 

Lancôme: La Vie Est Belle
"Ah Jesus! Strong strong scent! Wait a minute, it might actually be rather nice. Or maybe more suitable for my mum."
There's absolutely nothing wrong with the fragrance - it smells really sweet and is super feminine. I just can't decide whether it's a bit more mumish for my liking.
Gosh Velvet Touch Eye Liner: "Green Devil"
"Wow! Green. It's so green - when am I ever going to wear green?"
The colour is actually pretty awesome and it's a nice texture which I reckon will be really easy to blend in nicely, I'm just not sure if I'll ever be able to rock a green eye liner. 

Lancôme Hypnôse Mascare Volume Sur Mesure
"Hm, this really doesn't look like anything special.."
This one I really enjoyed using! It had a really nice formula and it didn't clump at all. And if lashes can look elegant then this is what this mascara does - I think I might actually keep using this one. 

Wet 'n' Wild MegaWink Lash Curling Mascara
"Oohh, curved wand. If this curls my lashes it would be just great!"
I've actually never owned a mascara with a curved wand, so this was surely exciting! Though it did apply rather nicely it didn't do anything extra and unexpected on the lash-curling-side

Bear in mind these are not long-term reviews, but first impressions. Some of the products might be completely different from their first impression - who knows?

Have you tried any of these products for real? And how do you like them? :-)

14 May 2013

New in: Recent Spring Purchases

The first two weeks of this month I've been shopping for a few bits and bobs. All with the excuse that I need it to get ready for spring.

First off all I bought a few pieces from the drug store: 
I found the Nivea in-shower body lotion with a 50 % intro discount. I absolutely such at moisturising regularly, so the idea of being able to put this on and rinse it off all while still in the shower speaks to me on a higher lever - yes thank you! Also I've been on the lookout for a nice cleanser, so when I spotted this Plaisir 3in1 moisturising cleanser it went straight to my basket as well. I don't know if you can sense it, but I'm all in for easy skin care.
And it can't come as a surprise that I bought a new nail polish from Sally Hansen - if you don't know what I'm talking about you can read here how impressed I was by the last one I tried. This time I went for Kook-A-Mango, which is a bright orange/red colour with a hint of coral - perfect for summer, anyone? I think yes!
I picked up just one more product which was the Clarins Ever Matte foundation. This wasn't cheap at all at £30 so I have high expectations for this one to cover up my - at times - pretty shiny face. I have combined/oily skin so I'll probably make a review later on to tell whether or not this'll work out.
While I was looking for a dress (apparently it's really hard to find a nice-looking dress when you're looking for one) I stumbled across a book store. No, not really - I deliberately went into one. What can I say, I find it so much easier to buy books than clothes. So instead of a dress I went home with two books: "The Art of Fielding" and "The Great Gatsby".
This being said, I actually did manage to find this dress from Second Female, which is floor-length so I'm excited to see how much I'm going to wear this as I rarely do long dresses. But I think it looks rather nice, and then I found these ballerinas from Billi Bi which match the subtle colour in the dress perfectly! Also they're super comfy (and they better be, because they weren't exactly cheap) and fits me foot really well - I can already see myself wearing these all spring.

10 May 2013

Ted Baker SS13 Blogger Competition

I'm not sure how long this competition has been running, but I've seen quite a few people create a look. It's all for a spring/summer competition hosted by Ted Baker promising the winner a £75 Ted Baker gift voucher - pretty sure that most people would appreciate that.
All you have to do is choose 3 of your favourite pieces at and tell why you picked exactly that outfit and when you would wear it - you can read more about the competition and take part here before it ends the 22nd of May.
I don't own anything by Ted Baker - mainly because it's a bit too expensive - but they've come out with some great clothes lately, and I especially like all their prints.

Ted Baker SS13

As I said I really like their prints so of course I'd have to incorporate that into my look. Therefore I chose these lovely printed shorts and paired them with a bright orange pleated top, which adds a lot of colour to the outfit - in my opinion that's absolutely perfect for spring. With all this colour on the clothes I chose some black leather sandals with a block heel to tone it down a notch.
I feel this outfit is perfect for spring and summer when the weather gets a bit on the warmer side (and who doesn't get just a bit happier when wearing a bright orange colour?). Because this outfit isn't too dressy I think it's perfect for a day out in the city - possibly shopping - or at a casual BBQ/garden party if the weather allows it.

Have a great weekend, everybody. :-)

4 May 2013

Review: Sally Hansen Nail Polish

If you've read one of my last posts you'll know that I got a 'Complete Salon Manicure' Sally Hansen nail polish in my monthly beauty box. It's in the colour 'Gray by Gray' and at first I wasn't too excited by the colour, but let me now admit that I actually quite like it.
The 'Complete Salon Manicure' is supposed to be all in one: both base coat, strengthener, growth treatment, colour, and top coat in one bottle. And who doesn't want to be able to skip all of those extra steps and just add two coats? Personally, I think it's a great idea.
It has one of those rounded applicators which I found worked really nice, and it applied really well on the nails - it made it super easy to get a nice line near the cuticles instead of that not-so-nice halfway-on-your-cuticles-look which I just can't stand my nails looking like.
I applied the polish a Sunday evening and didn't remove it until Wednesday night. It didn't even chip like some polished tend to do, it just got worn off in the very end of tips which was't even noticeable. That is some solid, long-lasting polish! I don't think I've ever tried on a nail polish that has lasted for so long - I'm seriously impressed. So that all-in-one thing is actually working. Nice job, Sally Hansen!
I ended up becoming really good friends with the colour even though I'd much rather call it blue  than grey (the second picture shows absolutely best how it actually looks). Also I got so many compliments on my nails in just the 3 days I was wearing it, so you'll definitely see me wearing it in the future as well.
This polish is absolutely approved by me and there's no doubt that I'll buy more colours - though they are a bit expensive at £10, but if you want a good polish I think it's worth it.

Have you tried any polishes from Sally Hansen and were you as impressed as I am?