24 June 2013

30 Day Snap | Week #4

The weeks are flying by at the moment and the day of my last exam is getting closer with the speed of lightning! Absolutely insane, I cannot believe how close I am to finishing school for good (at least for now)!

                         theme park with work | my friend's birthday at the beach | desperate, late night exam revising

Meanwhile I've visited a theme park called FĂ„rup Summerland with all of the nice people I work with. It was super fun, and I got to know everybody much better than before - such a great day not to study. And even though we had the best weather that day, it was even better the next where I celebrated a friend of mine's birthday at the beach. After having neglected revising since last week's exam was over with I had a busy night studying for my exam the following day! 

spontaneous birthday celebration | loud music on my way from work | procrastinating 

When I was at work the 19th my boss told me I could have the next day off because I wouldn't get very busy, so instead I decided to invite 8 friends of mine out in my family's summerhouse for some nice food and just a chilled out day. Even though I invited them at 11 pm the night before they all showed up, and it ended up being such a fun day and evening! On another note, I've been seriously procrastinating by looking up travel inspiring photos, which I can spend hours and hours looking at.

shopping for my graduation party

The last day of the week I spend shopping for my graduation party which is in exactly a week. My mum and I browsed through a big warehouse to buy whatever needed for the party - beverages, snacks, and decorations. Now that day may just please come as quick as possible!

17 June 2013

30 Day Snap | Week #3

Another week has passed - 7 days closer to graduation than last Monday. Just another 8 days till I've finished my last exam - the excitement!! Apart from my exam, this week has been really nice with sunshine and my birthday! Although I didn't celebrate much because of the damn exam I did have a really nice day with my family and later some friends.
 sun sun sun | my birthday!! | 24 hour exam has begun

WOO, started the week off with sun, which of course continued till the next day because I've been a good girl this year. ;-) Then the next day the disaster occurred when I had to draw the topic for my exam the following day. This face shows how very displeased I was with what I drew...
4 exams down - 2 to go | sun is still shining on my way from work | summer season = strawberry season!

What a relief! This exam was the one I dreaded absolutely most, so with that out of the world I was able to relax just a bit more - which meant absolutely no studying for the rest of the week. Instead I enjoyed the small things in life while working to earn some money for my 24 days-off-from-work in just 2 weeks!
lunch with my mum

All in all a pretty nice week which ended of with a little shopping trip with my mother, which instead ended up being more of a let's-get-some-tapas day. Though, I'm not complaining - that dessert was delicious

30 day snap | week #1
30 day snap | week #2

10 June 2013

30 Day Snap | Week #2

Another quick update from my not-too-exciting life at the moment. I've tried to study - I really have. But as you can see from the following photos, it hasn't really been as frequent as I'd have liked it to be. And it's not even because I haven't had enough time - I'm just the worst procrastinator!
                                 day 3                                                                day 4                                                               day 5
last pair, my size = FAITH | The Great Gatsby | jumped on the bandwagon

As you can see I've managed to do a bit of shopping and going to the cinema instead - which I find really acceptable. That is, probably, till I walk into my exam, which by now isn't too far away any more... Should have done that bit of revising, huh?
                                 day 6                                                                day 7                                                               day 8
highlight of the day: French toast | magazines and books | pretty sunset on my way home from work

I've also read a lot - might not have been school stuff I've read, but it still kind of counts. Other than that I'm working 4 days a week and procrastinating by eating lots and lots of food.
                                                                                                   day 9
study date
Well, believe it or not. 3 days ahead I started doing something exam related - applause! Though I did it with a friend so the majority of the time was spend talking about a lot of other things. Well let's hope my exam this Thursday will go well! ;-)

Have you joined the 30 day snap yet? 

3 June 2013

30 Day Snap | Week #1

I'm sure a lot of you've already heard about this, but basically you're supposed to take a photo everyday of June and upload it to your blog - this is an idea by the lovely Louise from Sprinkle Of Glitter and you can read more about the 30 day snap here or click the photo below!
I think it's a great idea and would love to participate, though I reckon it wouldn't be too interesting for anyone really if I uploaded something everyday due to me having a lot of exams right now. So instead of abandoning the blog completely I though that I'd do a weekly follow-up every Monday. So here we go!

day 1                                                             day 2
          one of Northern Europe's biggest fairs | let's go to the beach, each - let's go get away!

This whole weekend one of Northern Europe's biggest fairs has been in a town near me - there's everything from hot dogs to a big Ferris wheel to a huuge market where you can buy literally everything. Ever since I was a kid (probably a baby) I've gone to this fair with my mum to have a little look around. So naturally I also had to go this year though it ended up only being in the evening where a lot of nice people came and a lot of nice music was played.
Yesterday (and a few days before that) the weather here has actually been quite okay! That's why I went to the beach with my mum and our two dogs - first day on the beach this year!

Do you like this idea and are you participating? :-)

1 June 2013

Ask Yourself!

With school coming to an end I'm constantly asked what I want to do afterwards. And to be honest; I'm not quite sure yet... I only really know that I'd love to travel to many different places around the world - preferably on my own with a backpack on. Though, when asked what I want to do after that, I have absolutely no clue. I don't know at all what I want to study - or if  I want to study. All though my parents seem to take it as a matter of fact that I'm going to university, I'm not sure that's what I want. Luckily I'm not at all stressing about it though - I'm ready to take things as they come, which a lot of people don't seem to understand. For now (after having finished my exams in a month's time that is) I just know that I want relaxing times on the beach, to spend sunny days with a lot of people, and to be spontaneous. And after having spend 13 years(!) in the school system doing exactly what's expected of me, all I really want to do, is doing exactly what feel like doing! And most importantly; I don't want to look back and think "I wish I'd done that!"...