28 February 2014

Koh Si Chang

A few days after I'd met up with my parents, we decided to visit one of Thailand's many islands. We headed to Koh Si Chang where we rented some bungalows (which turned out to be pretty rough) and prepared to really live it up island-style the next few days. Apparently life on an island includes a lot of lizards everywhere - but with crystal clear water and a relaxed atmosphere that doesn't really matter, right?
Koh Si Chang is incredibly small with only one main beach, but that also means that there are really few turists, it's super quite and relaxing, and it has some great views pretty much where ever you turn your eyes. A must do is to rent a scooter, because when it's close to 40 degrees in nearly suicidal to try and climb your way to the highest point of the island (that is around 800 steps I can tell you, because we didn't realize that there was a road up there until we actually reached the top).

6 February 2014

See You, Vietnam

Since last I've actually gone to Vietnam and left the country again to go to Thailand.
When the calender showed Monday the 27th of January my Vietnam adventure had reached its end, and I was headed to Thailand where I'd meet my parents to join them for my first week there. Before that, though, I'd visited 7 of the bigger cities of Vietnam and had countless unforgettable experiences.
I started in South Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh City, where I stayed for a week on my own before meeting up with a group of 15 people for an 11 days tour arranged by G Adventures. On that tour we went through Nha Trang, Hoi An, Hue, Halong Bay and Hanoi before parting - after leaving the group I had another week to myself before going to Thailand. Part of that week I spent in Sapa, which along with Halong Bay, was one of the most beautiful places I visited. Besides talking way to many photos of these two places, I; taught English to Vietnamese students in Ho Chi Minh City, took a mud bath in Nha Trang, did a lot of shopping in Hoi An, rode a motor bike in Hue, and learnt to cross the road in Hanoi (believe me - that's quite an achievement).
All together it's been an amazing trip though Vietnam and as hinted in the title, I'd love to come back one day.