20 November 2014

1 Girl 1 Backpack

As I'm sure I've mentioned somewhere; 1 gap year was never enough for me, and so today I bought a one way ticket to Sydney. And I'm leaving in 15 days. That's basically in two weeks!!

A year ago I was saying to my friends that I didn't really understand why that many people wanted to go to Australia, and that it was a place I probably wouldn't want to visit because there were so many other cool places I'd rather go, and that it was too similar to where I'm from. Well apparently they have a thing for giant sculptures in Australia - you don't see that in Denmark!
And now, here I am - I've already started packing and almost can't wait to go to that land on the other side of the world where it's summer at Christmas time.

I'm not sure when I'm coming back home, but I'm hoping to find work in Sydney and then start heading north after a few months there, and hopefully I'll end up somewhere in South East Asia eventually.
See you sometime next year, Denmark! 

17 November 2014


Now I won't call myself naive but I definitely assume that people are kind hearted, so I'm never the first to realize if they're playing tricks.

I have a friend who just got back from a small trip to Rome, and one of the first things she said to me when she came back was: "I'm never going back!"
She had felt unsafe and like she'd constantly had to be on guard and watch her stuff at all times because she was afraid of tourist scams and thieves.

I was in Rome a while ago as well so I tried to think back to how I'd experienced it.
Obviously you'll have to watch your stuff and maybe not flaunt around your most expensive stuff, but that's definitely not exclusively Rome, and I didn't feel unsafe there at all.

Although there actually was one incident in the 3,5 days I was visiting, I suppose...

I was there with my mum and one day we decided to take the metro - because why not? It was extremely crowded, so we were literally leaning against whoever happened to be standing next to us. At one stop even more people were pouring in (I haven't got a clue how they managed to fit in there). We were standing pretty close to the doors and this girl (I'm guessing she was around 11) was basically leaning against my stomach, and I'm not noticing anything but suddenly my mum has grabbed her arm and yanked her away because apparently her fingers were on the zipper to my bag.

The girl didn't speak English but she acted confused for a few seconds before darting towards the doors of the (still moving) train where she was frantically pushing the 'open' button. We didn't do anything, and as soon as the trains came to a hold and the doors opened she was gone.