29 June 2015

The Year Without Christmas (Almost)

"Don't mind me, I'm just crying because I'm spending Christmas in shorts"

Arriving in Australia December 6th and staying for half a year meant that Christmas was included in my stay. Before leaving I really did not look forward to spending Christmas without my family, but turns out celebrating Christmas in another country is great!

I did cry when I skyped my mum for a few minutes, but with the tears out of the way it was a pretty good first-Christmas-not-spent-with-my-family. A friend of mine from back home lived in a quite nice apartment in the middle of Sydney where us Danes, some Germans, and some Brits had Christmas dinner on the 24th. Even though our attempt at making traditional Danish dinner kind of failed we didn't go to bed hungry.

...or thirsty for that matter; around midnight we had a guy pass out completely on the sofa. Some of the British guys managed to pull of his trousers and convince him when he woke up that he'd thrown them off the balcony from floor 24. Nothing like the Christmases back home but pretty great none the less!!

Being in Australia and all that we obviously had to celebrate Christmas the Aussie style as well, so the next day we made our way down to Bondi Beach to have ourselves a BBQ. The beach was absolutely crowded, the police told us off for bringing alcohol to a public place, and my phone died after a dive in the sea - but it was absolutely lovely!

I've completely changed my mind about spending Christmas outside of the Danish borders and I'm already making future plans about celebrating Christmas in more exotic locations!

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