12 July 2015

The Ultimate Backpacker Trip: the Australian East Coast

When leaving Denmark I basically just had one plan: I was going to go to Sydney and find work. I'd just forgotten one thing about myself: I'm the worst procrastinator and the very best at making up excuses to do anything but what I'm supposed to do. Long story short: I never did work and went travelling up the east coast instead.

On February 24th I woke up very early, said my goodbyes to Sydney, and went to the bus station to meet up with the German girl I was going to be travelling with the next 1,5 months.
We went with Greyhound (the bus company) and the whole thing was a bit too planned for my liking, but we were advised to book a lot of the trips beforehand because it was the busy season. I would've loved to have done it as a road trip but we did have a pretty great time as well!

We had 11 stops, stopping in: Spot X Surf Camp, Byron Bay, Surfer's Paradise, Brisbane, Noosa, Fraser Island, Agnes Water, Airlie Beach (the Whitsundays), Magnetic Island, Mission Beach, and Cairns - basically all the popular backpacker places.
We had such at good time with a trip full of sun and happy people, lots of beaches, plenty of alcohol/goon, and every place was my favorite until we arrived at the next!

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